Parish Council


  • The Parish Council meets quarterly, or as needed.
  • The Parish Council functions in an advisory role to the pastor   regarding significant matters


  Pastor: Rev. Gerard Bernie Sehr
  Chairperson Dennis Miller
  Member:  Mark Oropeza
  Member: Ken Schwemlein
  Member: Karen Ingles
  Member: Mark Weinhold
  Member: Christina Channell
  Member: Ken Smith
  Member: Conception Rodriquez
  Member: Susie Hughes
  Member: Denise Curran
  Member: Dan Wilson
  Member: Bill Vincent
  Member: Maria Wilson
  Member: Sara Franco
  Ex-Officio: Donna Botts
  Ex-Officio: MaryAlyce DeCraene
  Ex-Officio: Pete Sprosty
  Ex-Officio: Mike Botts
  Ex-Officio: June Thompson
  Ex-Officio: Edwina Vincent
  Ex-Officio: Camille Hanzlik
  Ex-Officio: Marilyn Elleerby