Sandwich Benevolent Assn.

(“St. Paul’s” at the Sandwich Fair)


A week of parish fundraising and team building.

Now in our 46th year.


 What it takes to run it  for a week at the fair:


10 workers with mops, buckets, brooms and shop vacs  for 4 hours on a Saturday in August to open up the building.


225 adults and teens, each working a 4 hour shift on either the grill, counter or kitchen area between Labor Day and the following Sunday Night.


Great food, including:

·       1000 pieces of homemade pie.


·       2 batches of homemade BBQ (Each batch starts with   40 lbs of  beef chuck and 20 lbs of lean pork.)


·       Top quality burgers and sausage from Art’s and buns from McCaslin’s.


Great people, with

·       Miles of smiles, and great service serving great meals





    How have the Revenues been used?


Partial List:


·       Father Thomas Kane Memorial Scholarships:  2 per year, now $750 each


·       TV, VCR, Rolling Cart for CCD


·       Curb blocks for Parish Center parking lot.


·       Ceiling fans for church.


·       $12,500 toward P.C. Parking lot paving.


·       Outdoor lighting at Parish Center entrances.


·       CCD videos and supplies.


·       $45,000 to Pastor for Parish needs in about 10 years.


·       Maintenance of building at Sandwich Fair grounds.


·        Upright  freezer at P.C. (Joint purchase with Christian Woman)


·       Donations to FVOAS for parking.


·       Free meals for all workers after a 4-hour shift.